Five Airplane Trips in Six days

Friends since 10th grade

Friends since 10th grade

Last night, I arrived at the Boise airport after a lovely visit in Sebastapol, California with my family.  Most likely because I used air miles, flight choices were slim.  My best options departed from Boise, Seattle, Portland, and arrived in Santa Rosa. on September 3. My departing flights arrived in Portland and Boise on the evening of September 8.  I enjoyed the entire trip, but was happy to be back home with my husband, my dogs, and familiar  Boise turf.

My vacation consisted of relaxing with my mom, who will be 84 next month, walking my sister’s dog, eating yummy mom food, running around town for this errand and that, and visiting with family and friends.

Besides a short discussion with my parents re: titles, I got little else done on the book. But today,I’m back in the saddle.

In the relaxing comfort of my home,and with the help of my friends,  I am leaning towards a title.

This is what Lori, an unusually talented editor, writer, and owner of the Scribe Source says about two title selections:

“I like the use of the word religion in your subtitle; I think it will reach a wider audience. The people who don’t like it in contrast to “relationship” are probably not the ones who need your story most. And I think the title (at the top of this thread, not the newer ones you posted in the comments) is a winner.”



my journey towards healthy religion

a newer title posted in the comment:

Trading Rules, Shame, Guilt, & Blame for Peace with God
A memoir

“You who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ. You have fallen away from grace” (Galatians 5.4).

What do you think?


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