My New title: from

“…your own unfolding, emerging, to discover God, and in the process, yourself” (Pedro Gaffney, my stepdad).

As per my stepfather’s quote above, my new title should express THE LOSS AND THE GAIN, the LONGING AND FULFILLMENT of my journey.  From child to senior citizen–a lifetime–I have sought a place of belonging. That’s why I’m considering the following title:

A Place to Belong

through the religious maze to amazing grace 

a memoir

I also like these ideas, “Late Bloomer,” “Emerging,” “Transformation,” and “Finding Intimate Relationship with God & his people.”








2 thoughts on “My New title: from

    • Thanks for your support, Rae Ann. I’m getting excited now that I’ve pretty much settled on a title. All that is left is wait for and apply the latest edits, format the manuscript to be an ebook, and complete the cover design, or decide on someone else to do it.

      How is your book coming along? Is it selling?

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