Julia and Julie: Attracting Readers to Your Blog

Once again, I have not been faithful to write my blogs on a regular basis.  From my observations and experience, I have concluded that it doesn’t matter as much how often one writes their blog as how regularly they write it.  If one writes on a regular basis, readers will anticipate the blog, particularly if the blog is engaging and well written and relatable–the reader cares because they identify with the subject–and creates an expectation (hook). Why do blogs, like Julie and Julia, the blog documenting Julie’s project to cook a recipe from a Julia Child’s cook book every day for a year become so successful?  How could a blog about a cookbook attract so many people including literary agents and movie producers? It was because it was engaging, well written, and created an expectation. Can I do the same? Up until now, my A Book is Born blog has not had a strong core subject. I have concluded that I have written about too many different subjects, stuffing them into a blog regardless as to their subject. The other problem is that, except for the last few, my titles do not link readers to my piece.  Thus, many blogs are falling through the crack. I’m considering beginning again, connecting my subject matter, engaging the reader with interesting content that is likely to create an expectation. Would you like to come with me?  I would love to take you on this new journey! Marsha T.


3 thoughts on “Julia and Julie: Attracting Readers to Your Blog

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