Life Today & Book Notes

A Place to Belong: through the religious maze to amazing grace.a journeySo, you want to hear about my life? Okay, you asked for it. The really exciting thing is that after being unemployed between June 2009 and September 2013, except for six-months- of temporary jobs, I am gainfully employed. After passing my  exams this morning, I am now a certified Customer Service Representative.   

I thank the Almighty One for taking care of us during lean times and I pray for those still struggling to find employment.  It’s a tough job climate out there.  Qualified people can’t find work.  The competition for every job is fierce. I’ve seen it at job fairs, Idaho Department of Labor-sponsored classes, job sites, and talking to others looking for work. 

The other current news is that the book I’m writing finally has title that truly fits. After many title ideas, title-naming contests, votes, Facebook feedback, and soul searching I have decided to name the book A Place to Belong: Through the Religious Maze to Amazing Grace.  I have also decided on a cover design. I would like to publicly acknowledge my talented husband for taking the cover photo and for the subtitle for A Place to Belong. Go JT!

I am caught up with my editing until one (or both) of my editors send the next batch of edits. When the edits and cover design are complete, the next step is formatting the manuscript the cover. And then I am ready to publish!


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