When a Good Dog Dies, pt 2

Looked at some dogs at the Humane Society today just because I was there and I like to visit them.  I saw about a dozen sweet tempered, calm/submissive dogs that included two bully breeds, a Jack Russell, a standard Dachshund & a mini long-hair one (in the same kennel so they might have been buds),  a Great Pyrenese mix, and others.  I saw three or four Jack Russells. A small light brown pit bull girl probably had the sweetest, calm temperament, but she wasn’t pretty.  Well, to someone she’s pretty.  I hope they all get good homes.  I saw about 4 Chihuahuas.  Only one had the stocky, macho confirmation I like on a Chihuhua. He was a beautiful taupe (brownish gray) color and had a nice temperament. I could have brought him home on the spot, but we’re not ready yet to have another dog.  The reason I would even consider a chihuahua is because 1) I’m impressed with Cesar Millan’s Chihuahua and, for some crazy reason, Beeker loves Chihuahuas. I don’t think Jerry wants one though.  Maybe he’s afraid the poor thing would get stepped on.  8:))

3 thoughts on “When a Good Dog Dies, pt 2

  1. I’m very sorry about your sweet dog. I know you will miss her. When my 17 year old cat died about 3 years ago, I didn’t want to get another cat right away, but my significant other wanted to replace her quickly, so we gave in in a bout 6 weeks and got two sibling cats. You’ll know when the time is right.

  2. I/m really sorry about your dog. I know that is tough. Whenever I visit the Humane shelter I always get teary eyed in the dog section, because they are all wagging their tails and asking you to bring them home. Take Care,

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