A New Dog for Beeker (and his people)

One of the dogs I will be looking at today

One of the dogs I will be looking at today

I’m obsessed.  All my one-track-mind dwells on these days is our hypothetical next canine family member. Who is he? What is he? Where is he from? Who will Beeker choose?  I should be dwelling upon completing the last few tasks towards publishing an ebook and building an author platform, but I’m not.  All I can think about is our new dog.

I may come home with a new dog today.Today I am going to Petsmart where a few dogs I’m interested in are waiting for a home. After Petsmart, I am going to the Canyon County Animal Shelter where two more dogs wait.  Though I am open to a dog from the Idaho Humane Society–the dogs at Petsmart–I’d rather put my money toward the newer Canyon County facility. I will also bring New Behavior Dog Training cards to promote my business-to-be.

I am also attracted to several dogs that will not fit our family dynamics at this time, though if we were looking for a serious guard dog, these larger dogs would probably fit the job description.


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