Yes Maynard, healthy churches exist!

At the heart of a healthy church is a leader with a true pastor’s heart. This person is transparent about his imperfections and humanity. He does not use blame or shame to emotionally manipulate the congregation. He walks beside, never above, the people he serves. He doesn’t doubt the grace of God because he has experienced that grace and knows he could not exist without it.

Healthy leadership=healthy, vibrant congregation.

Yes Maynard, healthy churches exist.

This testimony from a sister-in-the-Lord is just one example that healthy churches exist:

 …couldn’t get to sleep… decided to count my blessings instead of sheep (as the saying goes).  Realized how very blessed I am to have a pastor who is a man of prayer and has a passionate heart for the things of God. Not just the ordinary every day things of God, but the extraordinary “let’s move this mountain” things of God. I am so blessed also that he loves his congregation and prays for us with great passion and concern…