My ebook is done and published, available for the world to preorder on, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.  So now, you might think, I can kick back with a mint julep (I’ve never had one in my life; don’t even know what it is, but it sounds a good, kick-back beverage.) If you think this, I hate to disappoint, but you’re wrong.  Now that I’m published, the real work begins. 

Yes, writing a full-length memoir was certainly challenging, but I didn’t write a book to gather dust on a shelf, or in this case, to type forgotten pixels. I wrote this book to entertain, bring encouragement, educate, and healing to as many people as possible.  It’s time to get my message out.  It’s time to market.

But doesn’t the publisher market the book for the author who is already contemplating ideas for her next book? Some do, but not like in the olden days when publishers initiated sales through pricey marketing programs and author-speaking engagements. Today, most publishers ask the author to join the marketing team, if they even have a marketing team. And in my case, since I am the publisher, I am the person who rolls up her shirt sleeves to find readers and speaking engagements. I will get on the phone to call local pastors, many whom I have never met.  I will convince them to invite a stranger to speak at their church or conference venue. I will convince this person that I am a woman of talent, integrity, and sound knowledge. And they will trust me to “feed” their followers.  

In the publishing book business, this is called “platform.”  Building platform is an essential step for  author success, especially for nonfiction authors.

It’s a good thing I’m not shy anymore.


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