Coffee & Writing Metaphor

I have sipped the final sip of French Roast + Espresso blend coffee brewed in a French press. Boy was it yummy (guess I forgot to mention that a dose of Irish Creme coffee creamer enhanced this cup of java to an even greater degree of yummyness).  Too bad that it didn’t wake me up sufficiently to the point of being ready to finish cleaning the house and making phone calls for my Book Release Open House (I’m still trying to connect with someone in the media who would agree to interviewing me).

What does coffee have to do with a blog about a book?  Believe it or not, there are parallels. For instance, take the brew process: I heat the water (the idea phase). I pour the hot water onto coffee grounds (ideas merge together). I drink the brew (character and scene become roust memory as I identify with my main character (myself).

There are more things, I’m sure, but for now, I’m much too much sleepy to write intelligently.

Take Care,

Marsha Susan Tracy


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