Brand Me!

What is My Brand?

I am not a horse or a cow, but as an author, as a wanna be successful author, I do need a brand.  What does that mean? what does an author brand look like?

Since Dave Lakhani commented on my latest book cover, I have been thinking about my brand.  What is my brand? How can I know my author brand? If you’re a writer, do you know your brand?

Consider these points from an article written by an Writer’s Relief writer:

“What are the best ways to establish my author brand?
First, find your voice and be consistent in your writing. Book cover design is a great place to display your author branding. So is your author website. We all know social media is becoming more and more relevant in the publishing industry. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other social media sites are excellent tools for growing your fan base and solidifying your writer brand.

Remember: A clear, consistent author brand can make the difference between writing as a hobby and writing as a career.” (

Read this article in it’s entirety on

So, what is my brand?

My brand is for the Body of Christ, against religion;  suffering saints and suffering sinners; for God, against evil. Is that too vague?

I love God but hate religion.

Thank you Dave Lakhani for stimulating this discussion.


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