Don’t Be Enticed by High-Cost Publishing Services

booksSo, you want to be published?

You’re a fine, perhaps great, writer with a dream. This is good. Dreams lubricate the writing journey, keep it going when in doubt, discouragement, disappointment, or plain old exhaustion threatens.  And it will.  So, don’t be shocked when it does. Just take your expectation down a notch or 10 and get back to writing.  You’ll get there. Your “baby” will come.

Your completed manuscript is as vulnerable as a newborn. Protect it from predators, those “publishing” companies who entice unaware and eager novice writers with slick promises. For a price, usually a big price, they will transform your doubled-typed manuscript into an actual book. You could possibly even make it onto the New York Times Best Seller list.

These people seem to smell your desperation and are as quick to find you as an advertisement finds your Facebook page. I do not call these companies publishers; I call them printers.  Printers print. They create a product. Publishers provide a service. They have a stake in your book.  If your book doesn’t sell, the publisher will  not make money. In fact, they will probably loose money.

Unfortunately, you will probably loose money, too. After selling books to your friends at work and your family members (your mother bought ten to save as Christmas gifts) your beautiful books are in boxes in the garage behind the the camping gear. Nobody is buying. Nobody is marketing your books. You’re left with an insane debt.

Reputable book printers exist, but it’s important to know what you’re getting, and not getting, from these companies.

I invite you to read this excerpt by Mark Coker’s book, The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, page 14. You can find the entire book on, my publishing platform, which I highly recommend to any writer with a dream to publish their work.

“These services are criminal in my opinion. They’re in the business of selling over-priced services to authors. They’re not in the business of helping authors sell books. They prey upon novice
writers who don’t know better.

“Blogger Emily Suess has done a great job of exposing the unethical business practices of [some of these companies] on her blog at

Ebook self-publishing can be fast, free and easy if you do it
yourself” (Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords).



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