Widdeling a Perfectly Good Day Away

Time is the only commodity I can’t get back. Thus, I do not like to waste it. But that is exactly what I am doing. I have assorted miscellaneous, but important, chores to face, yet I am entirely unmotivated. All I have done today has been get dressed, prep for yoga class, send an email to BJ and Angie, water the gardens front and back, make & eat breakfast, and deadhead dead spring blossoms.

I have not sold a single book in several days.  Is this the end of a ten-year-journey, a journey meant to entertain, encourage, and inform readers? Is my book going to be a flop? I would be terribly disappointed if my story does not get into the hands of at least 1,000 people.

There now, I have named the problem: I am discouraged. I must come up with a plan.


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