Today I was unfriended. The person who unfriended me was considerate to tell me why she unfriended me. The reasons she gave me is that she is not religious and somebody in my family failed her.  I was impressed with her consideration and sensed that she may have been reaching out to me in some way. Because the “I don’t believe in religion” point-of-view revealed a common misconception, I took the opportunity to share my point-of-view with her and with you. All identifing information has been removed from my return post (see below):

I appreciate your honesty and point-of-view and am sorry that my (relative) blew it for you. That is a hard and lasting bitter pill to swallow. I can understand your anger. And so does God. I believe in a God who is a perfect father even when the people in  life fail us. The irony about your statement about not being religious is that neither am I. I believe that religion can be extremely destructive. That’s why my subtite is “through the religious maze into amazing grace.” My story is one of a woman who left religion behind in lieu of a relationship with a compassionate and faithful God whose greatest talent is healing a broken heart.

I am not offended that you want to befriend me. I get it. But know that you will be on my heart and I will be talking to God about you; i.e., praying for you.

Jefferson Bethke (see link below) says it in a song way better than I can.



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