Did You Sell a Book Today?

I hope you did.

I have not sold a  book today.  Nor did I sell one yesterday. But I have sold almost 50 dollars worth of books (at $2.99 a book) since June 14.  That’s progress! Yes, I expected and hoped for more sales.  If every one on my contact list, people interested in the book, purchased one, I would have a couple of hundred sales.  That being said, I’m happy and thankful for the books that were sold and read.  I’m also extremely happy that people are sending me such positive feedback.

Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords, warned me not to have high expectations. He even stated that many people don’t sell any books.  I’m glad that I’ve sold as many as I have. That being said, it is time to buckle down and follow a marketing plan.  It is time to move on towards a writing future.

Don’t give up!  If  you are a writer, you will write.


Marsha T.



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