Religious Abuse

I have been a victim of religious abuse and from that experience, have developed a deep desire to see others with similiar experience as my own find the grace of God.

You and some of the people you know might also have been wounded in/by a church.  If so, you are part of the primary audience of the book I wrote and published as an ebook June 2014: Finding Faith, Finding Safe, Finding Potatoes: Trading Religion for Amazing Grace.

Perhaps reading my book with be a healing experience for some you and/or someone you know.



My New Writing Project

imagesWriting a book can be daunting.  There were many moments while “birthing” my memoir Finding Faith, Finding Safe, Finding Potatoes: Trading Religion for Amazing Grace, that I didn’t know how I could ever reach my goal.  I was dramatically naive about the committment and challenges it took to write a full-length book.  I didn’t know until I read Your Life as Story by Tristine Rainer–the best book on memoir writing that I have read–that memoir is one of the most difficult genres to write.  NOBODY TOLD ME.

Finding, Finding, Finding began as a five-page essay in a senior college-writing class.  My professor, the marvelous Devan Cook, encouraged me to expand the essay into a book.  Sure. I already had a head start, so why not?  Ten years later, I knew why.

Of course, now that the book is written and published as an ebook, and selling, I do not regret my choice. I am as determined as I ever was to keep writing; however, for the five months since Finding, Finding, Finding has been released, I have been at a loss as to what I should write next.

I know I do not want to take another ten years to write any thing.

When I was a teenager, I wrote several children’s books, but never followed through.  One book I wrote in England for the children I took care of.  I actually sent it to a publisher who had interest.  He suggested some improvements and invited me to resubmit the manuscript.  But I lost the book and to this day, I have can’t even remember what it was even about.

This is my news:

I have decided to write another children’s book.  As a matter-of-fact, I have begun to write it AND I have found a talented illustrator who would like to collaborate with me.  I am so excited!

This time I will follow through.

An Important Observation re: Unhealthy Faith: How Healthy is Your Church Experience?

“Religion becomes unhealthy when our attendance and service flows, not out of faith in God who has loved us in Christ and given us opportunities to serve out of that place of rest, but out of a need to be loved and find worth. Religious addiction is hard to spot because it has to do with motive. Two people could be serving side by side and one is doing it by faith in God for an eternal reward (gold, silver and precious stones; 1 Cor 3.12) while the other is doing it by faith in the behavior for a temporal reward with no eternal dividends (wood, hay and straw). Religious addicts are also usually the best workers in the church so their dysfunction is not only overlooked but rewarded. Meanwhile, their lives head for disaster.”

The above is written by Bill Jackson from a summary of the book Toxic Faith by Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton (Oliver-Nelson, 1991).

Writer’s Block & Blogging: Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Jump

jumping into the water It’s a new day, the perfect time to pick myself up and make a new start.  Yes, I have fallen miserably behind my blog writing.  I had allowed myself to become discouraged. Was anyone even reading my blog?  Then, two days ago, at a church-chili contest, someone told me that they read my blog.  The news swelled my enthusisam.  Thank you, Michelle!

I’m sure that, at some point, most bloggers ask themselves if people read their blog.  But as published or wanna be published authors, we cannot afford to get discouraged.  How can you build a platform if you allow the “whoa is me” attitude  rob your vision? Readers or not, we must keep on writing.  That’s what a writer does. We write! And we believe against the odds.  We believe that, eventually, readers will come. We believe that our writing can make a differennce in someone’s life, even if it is merely as a temporary escape from a difficult day.  We write it and we hope they will read it.

Attracting readers is not the only benefit of an author’s blog.  The mere act of putting thoughts on to cyber paper–or the real thing–hones our skill as writers.  When you’re stuck, or just need a break from your writing project, whip out a blog.  Because blog writing is considerably less formal than most other writing genres, writing a blog jumpstarts the “I’m not sure what to say” roadblock.

Though good grammar and engaging style is important even in blog writing, a blog writer can write pretty much whatever comes into their mind.  Sometimes those words are boring. But at other times, they are brilliant. Boring or brillant, we have gifted ourselves with kindness simply by writing a blog–whether or not anyone reads it.

Jump in and get those creative juice bubbling.