Writer’s Block & Blogging: Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Jump

jumping into the water It’s a new day, the perfect time to pick myself up and make a new start.  Yes, I have fallen miserably behind my blog writing.  I had allowed myself to become discouraged. Was anyone even reading my blog?  Then, two days ago, at a church-chili contest, someone told me that they read my blog.  The news swelled my enthusisam.  Thank you, Michelle!

I’m sure that, at some point, most bloggers ask themselves if people read their blog.  But as published or wanna be published authors, we cannot afford to get discouraged.  How can you build a platform if you allow the “whoa is me” attitude  rob your vision? Readers or not, we must keep on writing.  That’s what a writer does. We write! And we believe against the odds.  We believe that, eventually, readers will come. We believe that our writing can make a differennce in someone’s life, even if it is merely as a temporary escape from a difficult day.  We write it and we hope they will read it.

Attracting readers is not the only benefit of an author’s blog.  The mere act of putting thoughts on to cyber paper–or the real thing–hones our skill as writers.  When you’re stuck, or just need a break from your writing project, whip out a blog.  Because blog writing is considerably less formal than most other writing genres, writing a blog jumpstarts the “I’m not sure what to say” roadblock.

Though good grammar and engaging style is important even in blog writing, a blog writer can write pretty much whatever comes into their mind.  Sometimes those words are boring. But at other times, they are brilliant. Boring or brillant, we have gifted ourselves with kindness simply by writing a blog–whether or not anyone reads it.

Jump in and get those creative juice bubbling.


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