My New Writing Project

imagesWriting a book can be daunting.  There were many moments while “birthing” my memoir Finding Faith, Finding Safe, Finding Potatoes: Trading Religion for Amazing Grace, that I didn’t know how I could ever reach my goal.  I was dramatically naive about the committment and challenges it took to write a full-length book.  I didn’t know until I read Your Life as Story by Tristine Rainer–the best book on memoir writing that I have read–that memoir is one of the most difficult genres to write.  NOBODY TOLD ME.

Finding, Finding, Finding began as a five-page essay in a senior college-writing class.  My professor, the marvelous Devan Cook, encouraged me to expand the essay into a book.  Sure. I already had a head start, so why not?  Ten years later, I knew why.

Of course, now that the book is written and published as an ebook, and selling, I do not regret my choice. I am as determined as I ever was to keep writing; however, for the five months since Finding, Finding, Finding has been released, I have been at a loss as to what I should write next.

I know I do not want to take another ten years to write any thing.

When I was a teenager, I wrote several children’s books, but never followed through.  One book I wrote in England for the children I took care of.  I actually sent it to a publisher who had interest.  He suggested some improvements and invited me to resubmit the manuscript.  But I lost the book and to this day, I have can’t even remember what it was even about.

This is my news:

I have decided to write another children’s book.  As a matter-of-fact, I have begun to write it AND I have found a talented illustrator who would like to collaborate with me.  I am so excited!

This time I will follow through.


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