I received some nice compliments last week from a publisher who liked my book.  He offered me a deal.  I turned him down.

What, you turned him down? You’ve been wanting this book in print for a long time. How in the world could you pass an offer from an actual publisher when all you had to do was pay for their editing services?

Actually, their editing service was a big reason why I passed on his offer. Not because $400 (apx.) is not a good price for a thorough professional editing job, but because, based on the sample, the editing job would not be thorough or, in my opinion, professional. In fact, the edit was not even done by a human.  It was automated, like a sophisticated spell check, and pretty much limited to copy editing.

I wanted to shout the news from a mountain top, but that won’t happen. Though tempting, I recognized that this particular publisher was just not a good fit for me.

I’ve decided that it would be better to wait.


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